Many women struggle through midlife and the menopause years thinking that is the way they are supposed to feel. I am here to tell you that it is simply not true and there is a better way! 

Diet and lifestyle changes do not have to be complicated. You can easily learn strategies to help you lose weight, optimize hormone health and start to feel amazing in this phase of life. 

My Thrive45 program was designed specifically for women in midlife and will give you all the tools you need to finally stop feeling awful.

No other program out there is designed specifically for women in this next phase of life. Peri-menopause, menopause, aging body, empty nesting, caring for aging parents etc. So much in our lives is changing therefore our approach to diet and lifestyle must change too. 

We provide you with the meal plans, effective 30 minute workouts and coaching tailored to your needs so you can achieve your goals faster and easier and without the stress and confusion. 

The Thrive45 program is the only program specifically created for women in midlife to help empower you to make diet & lifestyle changes that get you real results. 

Our next session will start March 2022 so be sure to click below and get on our waitlist!


Whole food plant-based meal plans are provided along with grocery lists, recipes, cooking videos and prep instructions to make it easier for you.


Effective 30 minute workout videos everyday that you can do at home with no equipment. For beginners and advanced. We focus on strength, flexibility and balance. These are all critical as we age. 


Each week we tackle a new step from our 12 Steps to Mastering A Healthy Midlife. With these 12 steps you will be able to keep yourself healthy and strong as you age. You will know how to lose weight, optimize hormone health and prevent chronic disease as you age.


Accountability and support from an amazing group of women who are there to help you. You get weekly check-ins, coaching and weekly live video class time with Kelly. 

"YOU WERE NOT MEANT TO SUFFER THROUGH THIS PHASE OF LIFE" ~KELLY NENTWICH On the left is a picture of me when I was 32 and bedridden most days due to two chronic illnesses. The picture on the right is me now, and I am experiencing the most amazing health in my 50's. I took all I have learned and applied over the last 15 years and developed this program to teach other women how to feel amazing as they age. Come learn how you can do the same!

Are you ready to invest in your health?

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"I have incorporated the Healthy Hormone Smoothie into my every day and already see a difference in my digestion and bloating!" ~Leigh F.

"I have been trying to lose 10 pounds for several months to no avail. During this 4-week course, I already dropped 4 pounds. I know that as I keep going, the rest will come off too. I have more energy, less cravings, and no gas." ~Sarah F.

"It was just a lot easier than I thought it would be. My energy has been great. No negative side effects at all." ~Nan J.

"I lost 5 pounds, definitely clearer thinking (less brain fog), overall improved mood (decreased mood swings)" ~Cindy M.

"Love the Facebook group, love to know others have same hurdles and it’s very supportive." ~Sharon S.

"It was great seeing others’ questions, struggles & successes in the Facebook group. Kelly was also very present and responsive." ~Karen  H.

"The Thrive45 Class was AMAZING! I am loving my Healthy Hormone Smoothie each day and feeling better than I have in a long time. The class is well organized and simple to implement. I love how Kelly gives a few key steps each week so that you can implement changes slowly. The way the course is designed makes implementation more doable and helps avoid feeling overwhelmed. Also, Kelly's approach that "every small change helps" takes the pressure off and allows people to feel good about each small change they make. Each of these small changes adds up causing big changes in health. Feeling good about each small step gave me a sense of ownership over my health and a sense of pride for taking the time to care about myself enough to make the change. Another thing that I LOVE about Thrive45 is that Kelly not only gives you simple steps for getting more whole food plants in your daily diet, she explains WHY we should take these steps. Kelly backs up each suggestion with science and with personal testimony of how she has seen first hand the benefits of each suggestion. Understanding the WHY inspires me to be dedicated to the process and really make these changes a lifestyle...not just a passing phase or a temporary fix. Thank you Kelly for this awesome course. Thank you for inspiring change in the lives of others and for caring enough about health to dedicate your time and energy to sharing this knowledge. I am looking forward to learning more and continuing to make steps toward a healthier, better, stronger me." ~Shannon E.

"I didn't plan on changing my life, and that's what happened! I always KNEW I could do better, by eating 'better' but I didn't realize that I didn't know how (really). I've never been a dieter because I knew that most diets are just restricting calories in different ways and that the tendency is to gain weight back after stopping. I knew that if I wanted to make any real changes it HAD to be an actual life style change. But if you would've told me that I'd WANT to give up dairy, or that I'd stop craving sugar, I wouldn't have believed it, but that's what happened! Along with getting excited by drinking a filling delicious smoothie and wanting to stay home and cook instead of eating out! (to name only a few things). This course IS do-able and it is a life style change that I'm now surprisingly committed to! Kelly I can't express how grateful I am, THANK YOU!!! This course was worth every penny, every second of time, and every bit of effort required." ~ Angie L. 

"I thoroughly have enjoyed it and actually sad it's coming to an end. Bright side is the monthly membership which I will sign up for as I loved your module on finding your 'tribe'. For me that will be a work-in-progress, so knowing I have this virtual one around is a good feeling as I move forward in this wellness journey." ~ Karen G.

I have been a fitness professional for almost 30 years, I have sat through more lectures on nutrition then I can count.  The approaches have always been on image and performance.  Even when blood pressure numbers come down and people come off medicines, the celebrations are usually around "how good you look".  I've seen and trained more people that never connect with nutrition on a personal level, even if they are fit and thin.  They do "what works" to keep themselves in a healthy weight range having no idea if what they are eating feels good to them and is good for them.  Your course is so full of amazing information, I just could not get enough.  Understanding not only what we put in our mouths matter, but what happens next as it processes in our bodies is transformational.  I hope every woman on the planet takes this course and learns to honor themselves by asking "how does eating this make me feel".  If it doesn't make me feel good how can I be better to myself.  You are a gift to me and this community! ~Teresa G.

Major non-scale victory...I have an app on my phone that tracks my menstrual cycle. It alerted me last night that my period will be coming in a couple of days. I had absolutely no idea. This is huge for me because I usually have homicidal PMS for 7-10 days before my period. The kind where I want to kill someone and then I cry. I feel absolutely none of that and had no idea it was even due. That PMS rollercoaster has really affected my quality of life during those weeks in the past. This is an unexpected gift! ~ Jill H.


Frequently Asked Questions

The course is completely online and new material is released each Monday morning so it doesn't become overwhelming. If you miss a week you can just catch up the following week. This program is accessible on our app so you can also learn on the go. 

 It will vary each week but the average amount of time you should set aside each week is 1-1.5 hours.

Yes. This course includes group coaching with Kelly during the 6 weeks. Kelly offers office hours each week inside of the course. You can choose to attend these virtual office hours live or you can watch the replay. This is your opportunity to ask Kelly questions and get support and encouragement from the other class participants . 

No worries! I know how busy life gets so there is a built in week that gives you time to catch up. All participants are also invited to participate in future sessions at a discounted rate.

Absolutely NOT! I do not sell any products such as shakes, pills, powders or supplements. Anything that I recommend in the course can be purchased right in your local grocery store.

Absolutely! This course can be very valuable to any woman at any age. The protocol that I teach within the course can help any woman. There might be some topics that we discuss that do not pertain to you, such as hot flashes or brain fog but so much in the course will be very relevant.


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