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Six years! How can it already be six years that I have been teaching health and wellness classes and workshops within my community? Time definitely flies by. 

I can't help but feel pure joy when I think back to all of the families that I have had an opportunity to educate and empower about the power of healthy food. I've seen families taking back their health, enjoying family dinnertime again and even some women inspired to become health warriors themselves. THIS is exactly why I started my business .... to be a small part of creating health in my community!

Knowing that there are healthier people within my local community inspires me to continue educating, but it also has had me thinking about what impact we can all have on our global communities. It isn't enough for us to just think about our local community. It is our responsibility to help take care of our global communities, as well. It is our responsibility to leave this earth better than it is now. 

I've prayed about how my company can make a bigger impact and how my business will evolve to create that impact. It's a funny thing how clarity can come with much thought and prayer. 

We have always been a service-based business and have been honored to serve within our local community .... but in order for us to help more people we will be transitioning to an impact-based business model. So, what's an impact-based business? Our upcoming impact-based business model means that our services and any companies that we partner with have a mission to positively impact our local and global communities. A service-based business model means that the company provides the service that creates change...but an impact-based business model relies on an entire community to create change. 

How will this affect our clients? First off, we are still offering in-person Meal Prep Workshops in our local community but in order for us to reach more people we will also be offering meal prep education virtually through our monthly membership program, Let's Meal Prep. It is a great way for you to meal prep with us no matter where you live. You can learn more about that HERE.

The next change is probably the most exciting change that will happen around here. We are so excited to announce that we are now partnering with the amazing non-profit Rice Bowls. Rice Bowls believes that providing healthy food is the beginning step to see an orphan child's life changed. 

Our mission is to help everyone get healthy food on their table. When we say everyone, we mean everyone and everywhere. The decision to purchase from us is a decision to change a life. 

We pledge that every month, for every client that preps meals through our in-person or online programs, we will donate meals to feed a child for an entire day through our partnership with Rice Bowls. Thanks to our clients we are able to be a small part of something really big. This is how an impact-based business works .... we are ALL part of the change and therefore every Prep4Health purchase helps drive that change and invites our clients to be part of our movement. 

Partnering with Rice Bowls allows us to have an impact on so many communities because they have partnered with several orphanages in nine different countries. But we are not stopping there. As an impact-based business it is important to us to actually see the difference that we, as a community, are making by being part of this movement. This is why I will be traveling in 2020 to visit one of the orphanages that our community is helping to support. I want to be able to actually show our clients the impact that they are having. The details for this trip are TBD and I will be offering an opportunity for our clients to travel with us. 

From the bottom of our hearts we cannot thank you all enough for the love and support you have given our company for the last 6 years. We look forward to what this new venture brings and the impact that we will collectively have because these are no longer just your meals ... these are their meals too!

Let's start making our impact!



photo credit: Rice Bowls






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