Kelly Nentwich, CHC - Owner & Founder

Mother of 3

Kelly Nentwich is a Certified Health Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of Thrive4Mom. But her most important job is mom to three amazing humans!

After successfully changing her own health and her family’s health (read her story here) she is on a mission to educate and inspire other women to take back their own health too.

Kelly’s education and real world experience, over the last twelve years, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in nutrition, holistic wellness and preventative health. Drawing on these skills and knowledge, she works with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Kelly's business has grown to include mentoring other women in the health and wellness field. She teaches women how to create a healthy life and build a successful wellness business.

When she’s not passionately creating change in her community you can find her enjoying yoga, hiking, running, biking and cooking. She enjoys these activities with her amazing husband and three teenagers.

Food: Mangos 
Loves: Hot Yoga
Loathes: Math
Pets2 dogs
Weakness: Jelly Beans
Email: [email protected]

Jenn Walsh - Program Coordinator

Mother of 4

Jennifer Walsh is a certified health coach and group exercise instructor who believes that intentions and actions provide new possibilities. While she is a self taught cook and enjoys spending time in the kitchen spicing up her favorite meal, Jennifer can often be found teaching bootcamp, leading strength training classes, or trail running with a favorite podcast.

Beginning several years ago, Jennifer chose to take a closer look at her overall nutrition and the benefits of a consistent, whole food, plant-focused diet. The positive outcome of her lifestyle adjustments lead her to begin working with others to help them experience their best life possible.

She has been with the team at Thrive4mom since 2016 and feels grateful to be able to have a flexible schedule that allows her to work while caring for her four children.

Yes, Please: running, zucchini, minimalism 
No, Thanks: sleeping late, knick knacks, packaged foods
Non-Negotiable: Family time, spices, hot showers
Email: [email protected]


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