Hormone Mineral Elixir

As promised here is the recipe for my Hormone Mineral Elixir. I've chatted a lot about the importance of replenishing your minerals every single day and supplementing is important because you really can't get all that you need from your diet alone.
You cannot "balance your hormones" without "balancing your minerals". If you are focusing on your hormones then you aren't looking at the root cause. That root cause is most often a mineral deficiency. Without the proper minerals we cannot make hormones, digest our food, regulate our blood sugar, get restorative sleep, move toxins out of the body, operate the immune system, heal from infections and so many other functions. I think you get the picture.
Our hormone balance and endocrine function is dependent upon minerals. I'll be posting more about this in the near future. In the meantime, I have received several messages requesting my recipe for my Hormone Mineral Elixir. In a recent post I shared how supplementing minerals helped me get my energy back after my 2nd round of Covid. 
Hormone Mineral Elixir Recipe
In a 16oz glass add:
1oz Plant Minerals (see link for the brand I use)
Juice from 1 lime
1 teaspoon raw honey
Small pinch Redmond Real Salt
Stir until honey dissolves
Top off with unflavored sparkling mineral water (I like Perrier)
Stir and enjoy!
I like mine cold so you can add some ice cubes. I sip this throughout the day and often have 2 a day. It's sort of addicting.
This also makes a great replacement for those electrolyte drinks that are loaded with unhealthy ingredients.
It also makes a great replacement for those trying to break a soda habit.

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