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Many of you are now aware that my husband and I both had Covid back in March 2020 (read below about when my children got it). As with most things, I quickly went to work figuring out what we could do at home to treat ourselves. For me personally, I almost might choose to die at home before I ever go to an ER. That’s only a slight exaggeration and a story for a different time. 


I quickly thought of Dr. David Brownstein because I have followed this doctor for 10 years. I own and have read all of his books. Throughout the years I’ve also watched almost all of his lectures. I have learned so much from him and used many of his protocols on myself and my family. It was a no brainer for me to look him up and see what he was doing for his patients. 


He, and a few other doctors, own a large medical practice in Michigan. During the doom and gloom of March and April 2020, he and his colleagues were taking time out of their busy week and going Live on Facebook and YouTube to share their very successful protocol. By successful, I mean 100% of his patients were responding to this treatment. He was even interviewing his patients so others could hear their stories directly from them. I tuned in every Friday to watch him, his colleagues and their patients share hope during a very hopeless time. I wasn’t surprised that a few weeks into this, all of his social media was deleted and the FTC took down his blog (where he was also sharing this information). He was told that he was not allowed to share this information even though he was having huge success with it and he always prefaced his videos with a warning that you should absolutely talk to your healthcare professional before starting this program. He also asked for everyone to share the info with their doctors because he has an open door policy and wanted to advise other doctors about his protocol. 


The following are links to information that I used to treat myself and my husband (and then my children months later). Please use the links to do your own research and as I mentioned above, talk to your healthcare provider before starting. Even better, contact Dr. Brownstein’s office and schedule a virtual appointment. At the time this happened to us back in March, his office was flooded with in-person and virtual appointments and he didn’t have anything available but that might not be the case anymore. Due to this, I did successfully treat myself and my family on my own, but I do recommend you try scheduling a virtual appointment with him. Hopefully I have stressed this point enough. 


The following is copy/pasted from website and is the step by step protocol that we used. Since Dr. Brownstein’s blog had been removed, many of his colleagues have shared the info on their websites only to have them removed too. I am copy/pasting in case the original source is ever taken down, and to protect myself from copyright infringement I am also linking the original source below. 



There Is Still Hope Out There- How to Nebulize

I have been getting many questions about how to nebulize.  Folks, I think nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine should be done on every COVID patient.  It should be done on every pneumonia patient.  It should be done on every influenza-suffering patient.  It should be done on every patient suffering from lung problems.

Nebulizing should be done only with the guidance of your doctor.  I would suggest that it is best to find a holistic doctor who can help guide you.

I do not recommend nebulizing on your own.

With my patients, I have them nebulize Lugol’s 5% solution.  I tell them to put 1-2 drops of Lugol’s 5% in 3cc of normal saline and nebulize the mixture.

For hydrogen peroxide, food grade hydrogen peroxide should be used. We mix up a bag of normal saline and add hydrogen peroxide along with minerals.  It is similar  to the IV version that we infuse into patients.

My cousin, Jeremiah (who you will read about in my next blog), was experiencing shortness of breath and had flu-like symptoms. We were in a pinch since he was 200 miles away.  In this case, I had his wife dilute food grade—35%–peroxide down to 3% using clean, sterile water.  Then, 3cc of that diluted mixture was further diluted in 250 cc of normal saline.  Finally, 3 cc of the saline-diluted mixture can be nebulized.

With hydrogen peroxide, it is much more effective to use the version compounded in our office.  The office version is only available to our patients.  We do not sell that to the public. 

I often have my patients alternate nebulizing between H202 and iodine.  I would not recommend nebulizing more than 3 times per day. 

Iodine can cause some dryness of the throat.  Peroxide usually causes no adverse effects.

I want to reiterate that you should clear this with your doctor before doing this procedure on your own.  This therapy is inexpensive and very effective. 

To All Our Health!


Note: David Brownstein, MD is a conventionally trained Board-Certified Family Physician with the additional overlay of holistic principles. While Dr. Brownstein does not claim to have a cure for any illness, he does believe that we can enhance the individual’s immune system by supporting the ‘host’ & the terrain of the host. The human body is well designed and the immune system, when given the proper support, can optimally function.

Disclaimer: The information on this account should not be used as medical advice. Any therapies that are discussed should be supervised under the guidance of your physician or licensed healthcare professional.



After my original post Dr. Brownstein did an interview and he shared most of this information. You can view that interview by CLICKING HERE. (video might be slow to load)

Above taken from this website:

More info on Dr. Brownstein's protocol:

Nebulizer that we use (I have one for each family member):

Iodine we use (5%):

Hydrogen peroxide we use (3%):

Salt (for the saline solution):


Or this salt:


Vitamin C we use:

Another Vitamin C we use:

(2) Whole food vitamin C sources - add to smoothies:


Dr. Brownstein’s supplements that he recommends for preventing and also treating. I did not follow this exactly (pretty close) but would if I was inconsistent in my diet:


Dr. Brownstein’s books. I strongly encourage you to learn more about holistic and alternative treatments for a wide range of ailments. Dr. Brownstein’s books are a great place to start. I prefer the books because so much info on the internet is being removed. Sadly, it looks like several of his books are currently out of stock or out of print. Here are a few:

Dr. Brownstein's Covid Supplement Protocol:

Dr. Brownstein's website:

Here are just a few more resources on this topic. Click each one to read more:

As I mentioned above, this is my own personal story and not meant to be medical advice. I am not a doctor, just a woman on a mission to keep her family healthy with holistic and alternative methods. It has served me well for over 16 years and I will continue to turn to those methods first. Please remember that nothing will ever trump proper nutrition and exercise. The best thing you can do is to take care of your body everyday so you can reduce your risk of ever getting sick in the first place.


I hope this information is helpful to you on your wellness journey. Feel free to share this information. It is important that information like this reaches as many people as it can. 




UPDATES (AS OF 12/2020):

Since I originally posted about my family's Covid story, 2 of my 3 children also contracted the virus and I used the same protocol above and was very successful. We also added in some supplements and foods that have recently been reported to help. The following are some updated resources that I have found very helpful. Since there is so much being learned about this virus I wanted to be sure to share resources that have been helpful to us. I hope these are helpful to you and your family too. 

Vitamin D3 & Covid - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Another video on Vitamin D3 & Covid - CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

More info on Vitamin D3 & Covid - CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Vitamin D, sunshine and fresh air - CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Foods that can inhibit the virus - CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Green tea is mentioned in above article. The green tea we use and I recommend - CLICK HERE FOR TEA

Algae is a whole plant food and is a part of my family's diet. Research has shown that algae can enhance natural killer cell activity that helps your body fight off viruses. Algae is the easiest way to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need to keep your immune system strong. We use chlorella and spirulina. CLICK HERE FOR RESEARCH CLICK HERE FOR RESEARCH & CLICK HERE FOR THE BRAND WE USE AND TAKE DAILY. Be sure to use coupon code "kellynentwich" at checkout to get 20% off all orders. 

Dr. Pierre Kory has had success treating his patients with a protocol using Ivermectin. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: meta analysis of 28 studies - CLICK HERE

Many doctors have had success in treating their patients with Hydroxychloroquine. You can read more about that at the following website. They also offer telemedicine visits and can even prescribe hydroxychloroquine over the phone. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE & CLICK HERE

Drs. Fareed & Tyson have developed a protocol that has been very successful with their patients. You can read about that by CLICKING HERE.

Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko has developed a protocol that has been very successful with his patients. You can read about that by CLICKING HERE and CLICKING HERE and CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Dr. Urso & Dr. McCullough talk about effective treatment options during a Texas Senate HHS hearing HERE and HERE.

Dr. Ryan Cole explains his successful protocol ... CLICK HERE

Here is an in depth resource for several effective treatments. This website breaks them down into individual treatments and provides the scientific resources for each. This is a great website to share with your healthcare provider. CLICK HERE

Here is a quick video discussing some safe and effective EARLY treatments. It is a great overview but please do not let this be the only thing you watch on this page. You must take the time to read and watch all the information I have provided. CLICK HERE



To learn about alternative measures to global lockdowns please read about the Great Barrington Declaration. Over 39,000 medical practitioners support this alternative solution. CLICK HERE 

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