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My children belong to a local youth theater group and have spent the last few weeks with all 80+ cast members in very close quarters.

As it always goes, things will get shared….good and bad. So, this last week we have welcomed pink eye into our home. It has been many years since anyone in our home has had it, but thankfully I have a natural remedy that has always worked for us and I wanted to share this here in case it can help someone else avoid having to go to the doctor and get a prescription for antibiotic ointment.

My house is never without colloidal silver. It is a must have in a natural health apothecary. It has so many different uses and is one of the reasons our family has been able to avoid antibiotics for so many years. I go over all of the ways we have used it in my Herbal Remedy Class, so for this post I’ll just explain how I use it for pink eye.

How I treat an eye infection (Pink Eye or Stye):

  • ~2 drops of colloidal silver in each eye 3X day until the infection clears up. It has always cleared up within 2-3 days.
  • ~I always use drops in BOTH eyes even if one eye isn’t showing any telltale signs of infection.
  • ~The trick is to treat the infection as soon as there are signs. The earlier you treat it the faster it will heal.
  • ~I also give a dropper full of Colloidal Silver orally each time I put a drop in the eyes.

Of course I also do all of the common sense stuff too. Washing hands, not sharing make up, changing out pillow cases each day, throwing away contacts and only when infection clears up wear a new pair etc. You can also use a warm washcloth over their eyes to help with the inflammation, but when my kids were younger they hardly sat still long enough!

The brand shown above is the brand I have always used and you can find it at most natural food stores and online through Amazon.

I hope this will help you treat Pink Eye or Stye naturally and without the use of prescription antibiotics. Please feel free to share so that others may benefit from it.

In Good Health,


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