The Midlife Woman's Bedside Table


The Midlife Woman's Bedside Table


Ladies, this post is not meant to offend anyone but sometimes it takes some real unfiltered talk to finally decide to make changes. Consider it our virtual heart to heart talk.

As you are getting older, does this picture look more and more like your own bedside table next to your bed? This picture is not of my bedside table but it looks very similar to what mine looked like 18 years ago.

One thing I have learned is that we CANNOT medicate our way out of conditions we behave ourselves into. I want you to read that again. Go ahead…...I’ll wait for you to come back.

I encourage you to really think about the symptoms that you are currently treating with over-the-counter meds and prescription meds and ask yourself if the symptom is a result of diet and lifestyle choices. Be really honest with yourself. If the answer is yes then I invite you to start learning about what you can do to change that. Often times, many of these medications will lead to worse symptoms (due to side effects) that will ultimately require more and more medications.

I’m not saying changing your diet and lifestyle will be easy. Habit change is never a quick fix …. it takes time and effort. Yes, you will have to stop wearing that “Busy Honor Badge” and actually make your health a priority. BTW, there is nothing honorable about constantly being busy (truth bomb #2 of this post).

So, are you ready to start making changes in your diet, lifestyle and bedside table? If you are then let’s chat.

*Disclosure* Yes, there are times when medications are necessary, but more often than not, there are things we can do to reduce or completely eliminate them.




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