the ultimate wellness recipe

As we start to round the corner into the New Year I know that getting healthy will be on a lot of people’s minds. I also know that there is so much information out there that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. There are so many products and ideas on the market that promise many health claims. So before you invest your hard earned money in another shake, pill, detox, challenge, transformation, quick fix, reset, energy bar, energy drink or prescription medication please read the following. It might be the most important recipe I ever post on this website. Consider it the ultimate recipe for wellness.

I am a huge admirer of Rosemary Gladstar. I have been following her for a few years and I own several of her books. A few years back I read her Prescription for Life, in one of her books, and it was so powerful. It really is what I envision when I think of what wellness means to me. It is what has worked for my family for the last 10 years (remember there is NO quick fix).

I hope that it will speak to you as well and help guide you into self-care, self-love and good health in the New Year. ~Namaste~

a prescription for life

There is no great secret to good health.

Despite the bombardment of advertising from the health and beauty industries that offers an instant pill or cure-all for the woes and illnesses of life, good health is, in truth, the practice of living healthfully every day. If we become susceptible to illness, lack vitality, or feel unfocused or lethargic, it’s generally due not to any mysterious illness but, rather, to lack of exercise, lack of sleep, poor dietary practices, and too little quality time with friends and family.

You can’t get energy, health, and vitality from a pill, or even from a cup of herbal tea. Everyday radiant well-being, in mind, body, and soul, is a function of everyday self-care. It’s a prescription for life. It’s a part of what you do, what you take into your body, and what you feed your mind. Radiant well-being is not taking a pill for this pain, a dose of X for that problem, a quick fix to get rid of the lethargy you’re dragging around with you. Radiant well-being is, instead, finding your joy in life. Exploring your passions. Getting up from your chair and moving your body. Wiggling. Eating good food. Playing hard and resting well. Putting your mind to work. Laughing.

Whatever you choose to do, do it well, and do it joyously. There is no greater benefactor to well-being than the satisfaction of a well-lived life.

by Rosemary Gladstar


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