Your Symptoms Are Signals


"The body whispers before it screams" ~unknown

No energy


Weight Gain

Joint Pain


Hot flashes




The list goes on and on when it comes to the myriad of symptoms that many women in midlife suffer with. If you talk to your doctor about these "symptoms", you may likely be prescribed a drug or surgery. 


But what if we didn't think of these as symptoms? What if we think of these as signals from our body that something is not right? What if these signals are our body's way of communicating to us that we are not giving it what it needs? When we change our paradigm from symptoms to signals it allows us to take control of our body and start to figure out what it is telling us. 


Could your body be telling you that it needs certain nutrients? More movement? Less stress? Throughout my Thrive45 Course I teach women how to self-assess what is going on in their body. How to tune into the signals ... not symptoms ... that their body is giving them. Once they learn how to do this, they are better able to figure out what to do to help their body reach optimum health. 


Self-assessment is so easy to do and is a big part of my Thrive45 program. As women in midlife, we have spent many years putting everyone else's needs first. Our needs get put on the bottom of the to-do list and often, not on the list at all. Many of the "symptoms" you are experiencing is your body's way of saying "no more" .... "I can't do this anymore". Our body started these whispers throughout our 20's, 30's and early 40's but as we are aging those whispers have turned to screams. The "symptoms" you are frequently dealing with is your midlife body screaming to you that it desperately needs things from you. It desperately needs you to listen to it.  It desperately needs you to put it on the top of your to do list.  


The first step to figuring out what your body needs is to assess what signals it is giving you. What is it whispering to you? To help you do this, I have put together a detailed checklist. This checklist is your "Signal Checklist" and will help you have an overview of what your body is saying to you. Print this checklist out and spend a few minutes completing it. Once you have completed it, you will have reopened the lines of communication with your own body and can start to implement a plan to give it what it needs and what it is desperately asking of you.


After you complete this checklist, if you want to learn proven strategies to help you give your body what it needs, then come join us for my 5 week intensive course, Thrive45 Weight Loss & Wellness for Women in Midlife. To find out more about this program please CLICK HERE.










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