Menopause Symptoms and Mineral Deficiencies

Mineral deficiencies can cause:
- Hot Flashes
- Headaches
- Joint Pain
- Dizziness
- Mood Swings
- Bloating
- Muscle Cramps
- Insulin Resistance
- Insomnia
- Chronic Fatigue
- Sugar Cravings
- Brain Fog
This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what can happen to your body when it is deficient in nutrients like minerals. Almost every single symptom you can experience can be associated with a mineral deficiency. 
It is estimated that 99% of the population is walking around with mineral deficiencies (and other nutrient deficiencies). If you are suffering with any of these then focusing on getting enough minerals into your body should be where you start. Here are my top 7 tips for addressing mineral deficiencies and where you can start....
1. Eating a whole-food plant-based diet. I ALWAYS recommend starting with changing your diet. You cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet. You do not have to change your entire diet overnight. Just start making small changes. I always start my clients with replacing one meal a day with a healthy green smoothie. You can download my FREE Smoothie Guidebook and Recipe Book to get started. You can also find lots of FREE recipes over on my website.
2. Replace your table salt with Redmond's Real Salt. Salt naturally has so many good-for-you minerals. The problem is that most people are using regular table salt and that salt has been processed and stripped of those amazing minerals. If you use pink himalayan salt that is a good choice BUT an even better choice is Redmond Real Salt. You can find their salt online.
3. Supplement with a good multi mineral complex. It will be near impossible to get ALL of your minerals from just food alone due to the way our food is grown (mass produced) and the depleted soil it is grown in. Plants do not make their own minerals ... they need to get them from the soil they are grown in. If that soil is deficient (which most soil is) then the plant will be deficient in minerals too. For this reason, supplementing will make a huge difference. CLICK HERE FOR MY MINERAL ELIXIR RECIPE
4. You can also add green tea and algae to your diet. These "superfoods" are WHOLE FOODS and are loaded with minerals and so many other nutrients that your body needs every single day.
5. Using herbal remedies can be an amazing tool to help you get adequate amounts of minerals in your diet. Herbal remedies are whole herbs that naturally contain trace minerals that your body needs. Some helpful herbs for hormone health are wild yam root, ashwagandha, licorice root and chaste berry. CLICK HERE FOR ONE I RECOMMEND
6. Since minerals work best when not taken in isolation, women should also be focusing on getting all the other important nutrients they need. This is where a multi vitamin/mineral complex will help. Of course getting these from your diet should be your main focus but if you feel that your diet is NOT 100% then supplementing might be a good idea. Look for a product that has clean ingredients and includes vitamins, minerals, herbs and whole foods. CLICK HERE FOR ONE THAT I RECOMMEND
7. Sun exposure!! This is a biggie and is very controversial but it needs to be talked about. Your body CANNOT properly absorb all of these important nutrients if you are not getting sun exposure on your skin - WITH NO SUNSCREEN! You really need a minimum of 15 minutes each day of sun exposure on your skin inorder to properly absorb and use all of the nutrients you take in. Please do not skip this very important step.
I hope these tips are helpful to you. Which ones will you start working on right away?

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